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Our Mission

Our mission at Pro-Elite United is to inspire and empower the next generation of young footballers. We believe that talent should never be hindered by circumstance, and we strive to create opportunities for boys from all backgrounds to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams. Our dedication to developing the potential of each player is fuelled by our passion for the beautiful game, and we are proud to have already made a significant impact in the lives of young players through our successful signings. Join us on this journey and together we can create a brighter future for the stars of tomorrow.


Our history


1. In 2018, a group of determined and passionate young leaders from Manchester, aged 12-14, came together to establish what would eventually become Pro Elite United. Despite limited funds and the daunting prospect of creating a successful platform for the community to thrive in football, these teenagers had an unwavering faith in their vision.


2. The founders of the academy grew up in a gang crime-ridden area of Manchester, but they refused to be influenced by the negativity around them. Instead, they created a platform to engage players in daily activities and steer them away from the influence of gangs.

3. By 2019, the youths had successfully registered their club in a local borough league at just 15 years old, showcasing their determination and ability to overcome challenges at a young age.


4. ​At the age of 16, the young leaders had the opportunity to work under an undisclosed football club and learn the ins and outs of the academy and professional football. This experience helped them gain valuable knowledge and skills to take their own academy to the next level.

5. In 2021, the group of young leaders parted ways with the club they worked with, but appreciated the work they had done and reunited to start their own academy: Pro Elite United. At just 16 and 17 years old, they embarked on a new journey that would change their lives and the lives of many others.


6. The year 2022 was a momentous year for Pro Elite United as they successfully launched their Manchester site and registered in the junior premier league (JPL). This was a significant step forward in their mission to create opportunities for young footballers to thrive.

7. 2022 was also the year when the Pro Elite United First Team was launched, uniting the best 18 players across England to feature against professional clubs across Europe. This was a significant achievement for the young academy and a testament to the quality of their players and coaching staff.

8. The young leaders' hard work and dedication paid off as they successfully moved 28 players into professional clubs at the age of 18 in the same year, demonstrating their ability to identify and develop talent.

9. In October 2022, Pro Elite United made his1tory as they featured in their first-ever Premier League game. This momentous occasion was led by Niko Tasime, the youngest ever managing director to feature against a Premier League football club.

present day

10 . Looking ahead to the future, Pro Elite United has big plans to expand and create opportunities for a nation of people to prosper. By the end of the 2022/2023 season, they aim to launch Pro Elite London, Birmingham, and Bradford, cementing their status as a leading football academy in the UK.

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