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Experience a variety of exciting events at multiple locations! From talent identification trials and coaching sessions led by top professionals to competitive tournaments and friendly matches, we offer a diverse range of football events to cater to your needs. 

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How does the day work? Every player will enter for registration and receive their player numbers. From there, every player will receive a fun and intense training session with our highly-qualified coaches before game time!

How much football will i play? u8-u12 players do 1 hour training on all corners of FA model in different stations such as 3v3 and ball mastery workshop. Then we do 1 hour of games where each player will play at least 30 minutes to showcase their ability. Followed by a session debrief on what it takes to make it pro. Players u13-u21 will have a 3-hour trial. Each player will do 1 hour 15 minutes training to start, followed by 90 miutes of game where each player is guaranteed at least 45 minutes to showcase their ability. Followed by a 15-minute debrief on what it takes to make it pro

How much chance do i have of being scouted? Our events have seen an average of 1 in 7 players be scouted for at least 1 of the many academies in attendance. But.. that isn't to say it's easy. Every player will have a fair opportunity to be scouted and to showcase their ability.

Can I receive feedback on my performance? You will receive coaching from Pro Elite on the day and feedback on your performance. As well as this, we have the option for a full detail scout report, where you'll be graded in every aspect as a footballer so you can note strengths and areas of improvement

Are the games recorded? All 11v11 games will use Veo technology to record footage from the game. This footage is optional to purchase as well as individual highlights so you can analyse your performance and share your good moments to social media!

When will I be notified if I'm scouted? Within 14 days of the trial you will have been notified if a scout has shown interest in you. If so, we will forward your player details on to all scouts that have shown interest and the club will contact you regarding next steps.

Is there a refund policy? We issue refunds on or before 14-days prior to the event. This gives us time to prepare the event adequetely.

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